Chronicles of 2023: A Year in Review

Shaugat looking through the window

As we approach the final moments of 2023, I’m eager to rewind the clock and share the highlights of this remarkable year. It’s been a time of change and learning for me. I faced challenges and had moments that really mattered. 

Challenges were faced, and lessons were learned in the past twelve months. As the calendar pages turn, I find myself grateful for the experiences that shaped my days. It’s like a story made up of different parts, and I’m excited to share it with you. 

Completion of My Master’s Degree 

Successfully completing my master’s degree in Economics was a significant accomplishment in 2023, especially considering the additional challenge of doing a full-time job. Balancing professional responsibilities, attending classes, meeting assignment deadlines, and preparing for exams needed serious dedication. 

Friends of mine

The result may not have been as satisfactory as I had hoped. However, the completion of the degree brought a deep sense of personal satisfaction. I must mention the invaluable support and guidance I received from both my faculty members and seniors at the workplace. 

Started to Develop a Sound Financial Health 

Understanding life’s uncertainties, I’ve begun more planned savings to strengthen my financial foundation. I’ve opened a few deposit schemes, creating a safety net for unexpected events that may come my way. 

One of the deposit schemes is specifically designated for addressing health-related needs. I adopted this mindset to ensure financial preparedness for unforeseen medical expenses, serving as a substitute for medical insurance. 

Research Paper Published in a Journal 

After nearly one hundred email exchanges, dozens of revisions, and many late nights, my research paper titled ‘Investigating the Major Influencing Factors of Early Marriage among Women in Bangladesh‘ was officially published in the 4th volume of BUFT Journal of Business & Economics (BJBE). 

This paper attempts to explore the determining factors of early marriage among women in Bangladesh. I learned a lot going through the whole publication process. 

A big thanks to my fellow researchers Shahnaz Haque ma’am, who is an Associate Professor of Economics, and Tasfiah Hoque, who is a good friend of mine, for their contribution to this study. 

Baba Undergone Bypass Surgery 

In an unforeseen turn of events, my father underwent an open-heart surgery, which came as a shock to our entire family. What added to the surprise was the fact that he had not shown any severe symptoms leading up to this major surgery. 

This experience reminded me of the unpredictability of life and the importance of being more careful about our health. The surgery was successful by the grace of Allah. 

Attended two International Events 

I had the privilege of attending two international events. The first one was Sylhet WordCamp 2023. The company I work at was the organizer of this event. There were around 900 attendees from all over the country and beyond the border. The event received overwhelmingly positive feedback, showcasing the vibrant WordPress community in Bangladesh. 

Session at SAES XIV

Later in the year, I participated in the Fourteenth South Asia Economic Summit (SAES XIV) held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The summit’s overarching theme, “Reframing South Asian Regional Cooperation in the New Context National and Global Dimensions,” brought together high-profile sessions, plenaries, and thematic discussions. 

These experiences not only provided valuable insights but also contributed to a global dialogue shaping our understanding of regional cooperation and economic development. 

Completed 10 Km Run  

Participating in the Unimart Sylhet Half Marathon 2023 and successfully completing the 10-kilometer run in 1 hour, 41 minutes, and 2 seconds holds special significance for me. I wasn’t proud of my overweight BMI and therefore I took this run as a challenge. 

Shaugat completing 10 km run

This run, to me, is a symbolic journey of self-improvement and a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. While the finish line marked the completion of a 10-kilometer run, it also signified a step towards a healthier and more resilient version of myself. 

Wrap Up 

As I think back on 2023, it’s like looking at a picture made up of different parts. There were times when I achieved things, faced challenges, and had unexpected family moments. I learned a lot and did other cool stuff. 

Now, as the year ends, I’m ready for whatever comes next. Goodbye, 2023

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